Hey, my name is
Ananay Kalra
And I'm a


Hi! I'm

Entrepreneur Developer Designer

As of May 2018, I started my journey of being an Entrepreneur.
It is my dream to be an Entrepreneur, to build something which will help the society in overcoming a problem. I started to learn to code, building websites and apps the same things which any Entrepreneur does in the start.
I always try to gain knowledge about Entrepreneurship from any source, I feel really passionate about this thing. Currently I am looking forward to find Entrepreneurs with the same mindset as mine, The one's who want to create something extraordinary, who are visionary, who not only sees the problem but finds the solution too.


HTML 90%
CSS 85%
Javascript 70%
React 60%
MongoDB 80%
PHP 90%


Build websites

HTML | CSS | Javascript


Android Studio | React Native

Manage Database

Mongo DB | MySql


Photoshop | Illustrator | Coreldraw

UI Design

Adobe XD | Photoshop

Edit Content

Blog Creation | Article Writing | Talks

Eductation & Experience


I completed my schooling from Cambridge International School, Kullu which is affiliated to Central Board of Education.

Graphic Design

I have been a student of design for many years. I joined NICS institute to learn advanced Graphic Design with Photoshop, Corel Draw and Illustrator. I am skilled in both vector and bitmap designing

UI/UX Design

I learnt UI and Ux design to update my web development skills. I use Adobe XD to design my apps . I keep a good focus on customers user experience for all apps i design.

Digital Marketing

I did a course on Digital Marketing to improve my SEO skills and lead generation. I have done case studies on Facebook, Instagram and youtube with add on tools for customer relation management

App Development

After web development course i learnt React and React Native to make web apps for my clients for whom i made websites. I make apps for both IOS and Android.

Business Administration

I did a course on business management. It was like a mini MBA. All the prerequisits for starting a successfull business were covered in the course. I learnt human resource management so that i could start my own company in future

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Kullu, Himachal Pradesh.